Connor W Butler 🌈

I am an Ecologist with an interest in entomology and herpetology. Having previously worked as an Environmental Consultant on construction projects within sensitive forest habitats in Singapore, I am interested in how different taxa groups respond to changes in the environment and how these changes can be monitored quantitatively.

Outside of research, I am a passionate environmental educator and have led academic fieldtrips in Southeast Asia for over a thousand students.


I am a second-year PhD student at the School of Biological Sciences, University of Southampton (UK). My PhD is investigating how amphibians in the montane forests of Peninsular Malaysia are affected by land-use change.

Tropical montane forests provide important refuges for threatened and endemic species, yet they are relatively understudied. The few existing studies on the effect of environmental change on tropical montane amphibians reveal a knowledge gap in the distribution of rare or cryptic amphibians. These species have low detection rates and sporadic site occupancy, possibly related to the availability of specific microhabitats such as phytotelmata (water-filled cavities in terrestrial plants).

This project aims to develop methods to study the ecology of cryptic montane forest anurans in Peninsular Malaysia, and to investigate the factors influencing their distributions across a disturbance gradient. Traditional methods of surveying will be combined with modern genetic methods to develop a framework for the future monitoring of these species.

Challenges in Conservation and Fieldwork for LGBTQ+ Youth

There are many challenges that people can experience when they’re doing fieldwork or working on conservation projects, whether it be locally and overseas. But these aspects can have additional layers of complexity for certain groups of people. In this post, I’m just going to focus on the LGBTQ+ community (of which I am a card-carryingContinue reading “Challenges in Conservation and Fieldwork for LGBTQ+ Youth”

Travel Diary: Sumba, Indonesia

As I’m writing this, I am supposed to be conducting my PhD fieldwork in the beautiful montane forests of Peninsular Malaysia. Alas, a global virus pandemic had other ideas and I’m stuck in the UK. Instead of batting off leaches, catching frogs and eating tasty food, I decided to write about some of my previousContinue reading “Travel Diary: Sumba, Indonesia”


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Email me at C.W.Butler@soton.ac.uk